WTF KM? I thought you said you were back?!

October 7, 2014KM0 comments

I was, and then I wasn’t and now I’m back again due to consumer demand! Basically I’ve been working on the game but I’ve been really horrible with posting updates to here.

(Have a screen shot demomap7)

So it’s getting done bit by bit, but I’ve decided to also work in tandem on another game called Super Ultra Realistic War Simulator 20XX. Here’s a screen shot/mockup.



Hopefully I can get War Sim 20XX up and running in a month as it does slightly tie into GotW in a very specific way. Don’t worry, no spoilers in it really.

So please keep following and I should have some good games for you coming up! :D

Remember to follow @kmdes on twitter for updates.


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